Established in the year 1994,the company was the brainchild of a group of highly enthusiastic and professional experts in the trade, with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the Tea industry in Sri Lanka and across the world.

The company's policy was to serve quality conscious and discerning customers across the globe.In 2002, The Heritage Group was selected to facilitate a joint venture with Mitsui & Co, Japan. This was a great opportunity for the establishment which geared the company to provide customers ‘tea’ of the highest quality through the acquisitionof machinery for advanced cleaning, blending and processing.

Since its inception, the company has grown significantly and is considered to be one of the leading producers & exporters of finest quality Pure Ceylon Teas.

Company Milestones

Heritage ‘Then and Now’

Sri Lanka is known around the world for its breathtaking beauty, palm fringed exquisite beaches and for the finest of tea, the ‘Pure Ceylon tea’.

Heritage Group (Pvt) Ltd, offers tea lovers across the world the finest of them all. ‘Ceylon tea’ is renowned for its untouchable quality, flavor and aroma which have captured the hearts and taste buds of people across nations for centuries.

Sri Lanka is also a famous tourist sanctuary; the island offers a perfect escape during the cold winter season.

Since its inception the company has evolved to greatness by investing in world class modern tea processing equipment and technology. The group can proudly say that the tea produced in the establishment is of the highest quality. The management has honorably followed the footsteps of its pioneers and added value to the end product, which is a great tasting wonderfully scented cup of pure Ceylon Tea.

The Heritage Group serves its produce to millions of people across 30 countries and more today. With a wide range of products under its name the company has uplifted and done justice to the world renowned beloved beverage of ‘pure Ceylon Tea’.

Our Principles

While we continue to develop our core business, which is producing and exporting Ceylon teas of exceptional quality to our customers worldwide, we also commit ourselves and time towards the betterment and welfare of our employees. We take great pride in being an establishment that is responsible towards society and environment. We are devoted to continue these practices as a part of our vision and mission towards a prosperous future.

Customer satisfaction is of supreme importance to us; hence we work effortlessly towards providing superior products and services at all times. We also believe in efficiency which is why the organization follows guidelines for on time deliveries, accurate and timely customer services.

Our Vision

Strive to make tea preferred choice of beverage.

To work with global partners to provide value to all stakeholders.

Create a happy workplace.

Work smart and promptly.

Be ahead of competition.

Our Mission

To be the leading beverage service provider from Sri Lanka.

Exclusively servicing quality conscious and discerning customers.

Standing out as an unique workplace in the community.

Buyers and suppliers become business partners.

Strike balance between the use of technology and human resources.

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

The foundation of my company was laid in 1994 on a bedrock of vast experiences I had already acquired during the course of the first part of my business career, commencing in 1972.

I had the privilege of serving British multinational companies and well reputed Ceylon Tea corporate’s. These organizations had track records for over a century in doing business on an international scale. These include extensive overseas training in London, Africa and India.

I was able to bring forth all the knowledge and experiences of these years in the industry to practice when I embarked on a journey to build my own company. The team I put together was carefully selected according to the skills and knowledge they possessed on the industry to support me in my venture.

Today after 22 years since the inception, we have a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals, which includes my three sons. The trust and confidence I have in my team has encouraged me to confidently invest in the business both my time and resources in order to secure a successful future.

Sound business principles and values are abundantly shared and supported by world renowned conglomerates. Heritage is privileged to have a few of these organizations as its business partners, coupled with a selected team of men in the tea industrycollectively adding over 190 years of experience to the business. Application of state of the art technology and adherence to strict international quality criteria has propelled the company to the position it now enjoys at the very pinnacle of reputed suppliers and exporters of top quality tea from Sri Lanka.

I also have a desire of fulfilling a long cherished dream, which is to make a positive contribution towards the elevation of the tea industry and trade in Sri Lanka by introducing innovative new products to the market, journeying upstream in terms of value so that each link downstream in the supply chain and livelihoods of all engaged remain healthy and sustainable.

Anel De Silva, Managing Director / CEO


Mitsui & Co. ltd Japan

The long standing relationship with Mitsui & Company of Japan which has existed since the inception of the Company in 1994 has attributed to the rapid growth and development of our tea business. Mitsui is one of the leading global business conglomerates with its spectrum of tradable goods and services, beverage being just one item among so many commodities they deal with.

The mutual respect trust and the lasting relationship was mainly established through the business relationship formed by Mr. Anel de Silva the founder of Heritage Teas (Pvt) Ltd., in the early part of his career during the mid 1970s.

The Japanese work ethic, quality systems, standards and technology applications have been ingrained into the Heritage tea business and production processes to reach a level of excellence unparalleled by any of its competitors. These high quality achievements have enabled Heritage to occupy the position of leading shipper of Ceylon Teas to the Far East for several years with over 42% of all tea shipments to Japan ex Colombo being handled by the company in 2014. Moreover, Heritage has gained the confidence of many brand owners in the Far East for their product specific tea solutions.

Dongguan TWG Heritage Food Company Ltd

In 2012 with the approval of the Sri Lankan Government, Heritage Teas was able to accept the invitation of Tsit Wing Tea & Coffee Company who was the leading Hong Kong buyer of the era to be a business partner in a new joint venture tea project in Dongguan within the Province of Guangzhou in China. This facilitated Heritage Teas to make its share of investment and thus we now have in place a state-of-the- art production plant for packing teas for leading private labels and multi-national companies operating in this fast growing consumer market for all varieties of tea. We are in a position to offer tea solutions to International Brand Packers who require multi origin teas in their blends they include competing in the modern trade channels in the large markets of the region and beyond.

Coco Bay Resort, Unawatuna

Heritage Teas (Pvt) Ltd has its share of investments in Coco Bay Holiday Resort, unawatuna, strengthening the ‘stays’ of the Company, while contributing towards the betterment of Sri Lanka’s Tourist Industry. Unawatunais located in the South within close proximity to the historic city of Galle, and is one of the most admiredtourist attractions of the country. Well known for its beautiful, sandy palm fringed beaches, safe sea swimming spots and unique coral reefs.Unawatuna is a picturesque fishing village that has evolved into the party station of the south.

Coco Bay Holiday Resort is situated along this coastline, within an approximate five minute drive from the Southern Expressway. The resort offers a magnificent view of the Galle Fort, breath taking sunsets and a tranquil atmosphere.

Coco Bay Resort guarantees its guests an exclusive and unforgettable stay, with mouthwatering dishes and excellent services, exceptional suites and rooms each one so uniquely designed and decorated with a spacious private balcony that offers a stunning view of the bay.

Customer Service

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