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Ceylon Tea is one of the renowned teas in the World well known for its rich aroma ,taste and color and considered to be the “Best among the Rest” in the World .Today Ceylon is among the leading Tea producers and Tea exporters in the World.

Exclusive Gift Products come in various shapes and sizes,a,all of them carry our finest teas specially selected by our tea experts.It also come with a guarantee that “Premium” is what you will always receive with one of these Products.

“Victors “ the Heritage of Excellence .A legacy of supremacy in taste and quality. A tribute to the “champion ”after whom this range of teas is named. The product of consistent devotion to quality, detail & perseverance. Skillfully balancing the delicate nuances and fragrances which originate from the aroma of flavor of a carefully handpicked assortment of tea to delight your experience.

Heritage Teas Premium Services (Pvt) Ltd has an established and an effective food management system which is based on a continual improvement process. The organization has defined the scope of the food safety management system specifying the products (tea), processes needed for selecting, blending, packetting and export of tea and production sites addressed by the food safety management system.

The food safety related appropriate information is communicated throughout the food chain covering all the HACCP team, workers, supervisory staff and Managerial level.

Heritage has been awarded FSSC 22000:2012 certification as well as GMP certification which extend to both our Food processing systems as well as our well equipped processing and storage facilities.

Heritage Teas has the capability to produce the best teas with quality,taste and aroma. The selection of local Teas from the tea regions of Sri Lanka are produced as Bulk Tea,Tea bags,Packets,Canisters and Gift Items for any quantity according to the need of the Client.Adding to this Heritage Teas also has the ability to source foreign teas to turn into Product of Choice.

“Every solution with all possibilities” .Its the ability and duty of Heritage Teas to source your choice of tea for your Product .”Your Choice we Give”

Product Development ,concept development and other factors such as Market Research will be carried out by the Expertise Team at the Heritage Teas on behalf of the Client with the combination and fancies of the Client.

All the relevant and essential testing procedures on quality and other safety measures will be carried out by the experienced and talented Laboratory team. Every procedure to obtain the Certification on the Product will be executed by the Team until every procedure is completed one hundred percentage.

Apart from raw material sourcing the Heritage Teas also bound to carry out the packaging process into the creative conceptualized packs designed by Heritage Teas itself.

Shipping section of Heritage Teas is very much dedicated towards the shipping procedures of the product and to fulfill the obligations on legal documentation. From the Raw material to the Product output Heritage Teas is dedicated to fulfill procedures beyond expectation.

Heritage Teas having its modern equipped Manufacturing Plants, motivated work force and mass storage capacity has the ability to cater any amount of Quntity of any product with quality and hygiene on need the need of the Clientele.

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